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Transmission of information using a durable medium

How it works

  • You send us an email with information on the relevant investment funds to our email address at  service@dauda.de
  • To this end, our template is available, including drop-down menus. The template can be transferred to your email program in HTML format. You also have the option of sending the completed form  as an attachment. Please note: In order to view the drop-down menus included, the file may need to be saved first and then opened with an Office program.
  • Your investor notification is available in PDF/A format (i.e. read-only PDF archive format) and is attached to your email.
  • The contractual relationship begins when we receive your email.
  • You will receive an assessment on the basis of a formal plausibility check, as to whether the relevant investor information must be immediately provided in the form of a “durable medium”.
  • Following this, the Bundesanzeiger Verlag  forwards to the custodial institutions as an attachment, the information submitted, which must  be provided to investors in the form of a “durable medium”.
  • All “durable media” will be permanently archived with the Bundesanzeiger Verlag.