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Transmission of information using a durable medium


  • On the basis of a formal plausibility check, you will receive an assessment of whether investor information submitted must immediately be provided by way of a “durable medium”.
  • You only pay for those notifications actually forwarded as a “durable medium”.
  • All “durable media” will be permanently archived with the Bundesanzeiger Verlag.
  • The submitted information that must be provided to investors by way of a “durable medium” will be forwarded to the custodial institutions.
  • Custodial institutions and distributors receive in a targeted manner those investor notifications that should be transmitted in the form of a “durable medium”. This may mean significant savings on postage costs because in this way, relevant investor information can be sent to end-investors.
  • At the same time, this highly efficient solution is extremely cost-effective. Each document costs only EUR 99.00  plus VAT.